I have been working on my family history for nearly 20 years. I have learned so much about the challenges my ancestors faced as they made their way from Europe to North Carolina.

Areas of study

Howell: John Howell (b. 1744) of Virginia brought my ancestors to the south western part of North Carolina. There, most of my family has remained.

Michael: John Michael (b. abt 1696) came from Germany with his son Frederick in 1739 aboard the ship "Thistle of Glassgow". They were part of a large immigration leaving Bavaria during a time of oppression for the opportunities awaiting in the British colonies of North America.

Hull: I have found that this part of the family took part in the Battle of King's Mountain. This battle fought between loyalists and mountain men of North Carolina was a major turning point in the American Revolutionary War.

Hoffman: This family has been researched by many and has been traced back ten generations.

Carpenter: Most of the information I have came from Robert Carpenter's book Carpenters A Plenty. This family is inter-woven into may branches of my father's family.

Blair: My great grandmother always referred to her husband as Mr. Blair. He was a successful businessman in Florida. This is a side of my family that I have been working on the hardest but have not been able to go past his father Thomas Jackson Blair.

Jones: Dr. Jones was from a small town in central Georgia called Jeffersonville. I have only recently been finding information about this side of the family, steeped in the traditions of the Old South.